About Rhana Bazzini


Rhana Bazzini is 81 years old. She’s overcome cancer and has adjusted to living with a colostomy. These challenges have not slowed her down. Right now she’s walking from Sarasota to Tallahassee because she could not afford to buy TV ads or pay for the media blitz needed to counter “big money” efforts to take control of our democracy.

Rhana B’s (Bazzini) Goal: To raise awareness of the need for a Constitutional Amendment and Move to Amend’s efforts.

The walk will help Rhana connect with everyday people along the route educating them about the campaign and getting them to sign petitions along the way. Rhana will also be contacting elected officials in the districts she walks through to get them to take a stand on the issue.

The years fly by faster and faster. Can you believe we’re approaching the fourteenth year of the third millennium? Life is indeed like a roll of toilet paper—the closer to the end, the faster it goes. My dear spouse of fifty-six years died at home on June 9. It was sad to see him go, but much sadder watching him fail so toward the end. But as he himself said, he’d had a good life and had no regrets.

I’ve made the journey from daughter to wife to mother to widow. On the racetrack of life I’ve felt better with each passing decade; 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. Somehow I felt 80 was going to be a watershed year. On that racetrack at 80 I was rounding the bend with the finish line in sight.

With a lot of time on my hands and being in good health, I decided I wanted to do something to make the world a better place before I “bought the farm.” What I needed was a project. After much thought, Granny D (Doris Haddock) kept popping into my mind. In 1999 at age eighty-nine she walked across the country for campaign finance reform. (For more background, Google Granny D.)

I think the fact that our government has become dysfunctional is not a partisan issue. What is partisan is what to do about it. Here is where I may lose some of you. We can agree to disagree but still be friends.

My original plan was to duplicate Doris’s walk. On second, more realistic thought, I decided to go with Plan B. I am attempting to recruit women over 80 to march to their state Capitols for campaign finance reform. (I may just move to Rhode Island.) I am not naïve enough to think this is the solution, but I do think it is a step in the right direction. It will be an ongoing project, following the weather, walking northern states during the summer, southern in winter. Move to Amend and Public Citizen plus several others are supportive, but I must do the organizing. This may just be a pipe dream, but the shame is not in failing but in not trying in the first place. Please wish me luck!

The current focus is on Florida, where I reside. I will begin my walk on October 13, 2014. Join me if you wish; the whole way, or just a few steps.

Just what is the Rhana B in Granny D’s Footsteps project all about?

Well it’s about making all of our votes count. There seems to be general agreement that money has corrupted our system. Our representatives are not corrupt but the system is. I’m walking to call attention to the propositions that 1) Money is not free speech and 2) corporations are not people. Our Representatives dislike spending their time dialing for dollars as much as we do.

Admittedly, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this. People have been most generous with their time. There is a pragmatic side to this. Not the least of which is the number of pairs of shoes I’ve worn out. I pride myself on being frugal. My dear son pipes up with, “No mother your’e cheap”. So I am grateful for the help of those who had a much better idea than I of what this mission of mine entails.

Today I received an email, written in red, from someone who comes from the opposite side of the political spectrum from me..  He and I used to have great discussions and rarely agreed on anything.  His words were “Way to go lady.  Love it”.  He is sending me a check. If this doesn’t prove that this is non partisan I don’t know what does.

I welcome all supporters.