June Updates

Dougs going away cake

I’ll skip the usual caveat as this will be the last installment of “In Granny D’s Footsteps”.

You all have enough stuff cluttering your inboxes so you don’t need my ramblings.

My thanks to all who have read, replied and commented. I have wonderful memories of everyone I met along the way whether in person, email, letters or phone calls. You are all cherished.

As I write this we are again dealing with another devastating shooting incident. The target was a club that catered to the LGBT community in Orlando. It was so horrific that the shooting the night before of singer Christina Grimmie was almost forgotten. I think we’re all tired of the cliches that are trotted out and then nothing is done. We just wait for the next time and there will be a next time.

We are also dealing with an election that falls into the category “you can’t make this stuff up”. When I heard that The Donald was actually, really and truly going to be the Republican candidate who might occupy the White House my first thought was we’ve hit bottom. My mind, which does have a tendency to run in weird directions, thought it’s a good thing.  It’s like an addict who has to hit bottom before he/she realizes there’s a problem and then does something about it.

Brian Beihl and IWhich segues to my trip to Washington DC in April. Over a year in the planning DemocracySpring and Democracy Awakening organized people all over the U.S. to congregate in DC for a nonviolent, peaceful demonstration and rally. We were demanding that our representatives address the corruption in our government of money, special interests, voter rights etc. For details you can Google DemocracySpring/Awakening. It began with a march from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on April 2, 2016 and ended in DC on April 10.  This was followed by 8 days of demonstrations in front of the Capitol. People had volunteered to be arrested, including yours truly. As it turned out my buddies got to go to jail.  I got to go to the hospital. I’m fine now.  I was there long enough to see the effects of this great uprising. By the end of the demonstration about 3,000 people had congregated there, 1,300 had been arrested. Although the mass media hardly covered it the word got out via social media and alternative sources. It is considered the largest civil disobedience action of the 21st century. Shortly after the protest almost 100 members of the US House, acknowledging the protest, signed a letter to the leadership asking that all four pieces of legislation that Democracy Spring listed in the demands be raised in Committee and brought up for a vote.  Of course leadership ignored the request but… if at first……..

Everyone returned to their homes energized. I think we all realize the importance of working locally and on the down ticket. Think global, act local. The person on the school board affects your everyday life more than the person in the White House. So that’s where I’m turning my energy now.

DougI can’t close without mentioning my dear friend, Doug Hughes the gyrocopter guy who left this morning to serve his 4 month sentence. If anyone would like to write him this is his address. Note the last 3 numbers of his new ID 🙂

Douglas Hughes 62746-007
P.O. BOX 019120
MIAMI, FL 33101

It was just 3 years ago that I came up with the idea of following in Granny D’s Footsteps. I had no idea where it would lead. I can truthfully say, at 83, these are the best years of my life.

With loving thoughts and best wishes to you all.  You have enriched my life.  Thank you.

Anyone who would like to keep in touch can reach me by phone:  941-922-3610 or email: rhana3@verizon.net


Conformity may give you a quiet life; it may even bring you to a University Chair. But all change in history, all advance, comes from the nonconformists. If there had been no trouble-makers, no dissenters, we should still be living in caves. -A.J.P. Taylor, historian (25 Mar 1906-1990)